Monday, September 17, 2012

Ain't Romantic Date

See the logo beside?? yep, me n my hubby just get addicted with this game, hahaha... we spent our last saturday just playing this game, side by side with our own laptops, trying to get our best scores. ain't a romantic date, huh..but we like it *big grin* :D we started playing this game series since The Farm Frenzy 2, then continues to The Farm Frenzy 3: Pizza Party. But still...he's the winner of all those games, with all the gold ranks, and i'm being the runner up with the silver rank. So what 'bout u?? what's ur fav game??

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Queen of My Own Kitchen

Life as a wife. It might be sounds good for some people, or boring for the others. For me, it’s just another role to play with many things to be explored. One of ‘em is the cooking tasks for my hubby. Not a big deal, i think, as I LOVE COOKING!! I’m not a good cook, but not the worst one, hahaha.... At least i can cook some menus for daily food :D That’s why when me and my hubby were looking for a house to rent, having a kitchen is A MUST. Don’t need the spacious one, but at least i can do my “experiments” there, hahaha...poor my hubby :p I would say, I'm the queen of my own kitchen, hohoho Some of my friends know my hobby, so they gave me kitchen utensils as a wedding gift, waaahhh...what a very useful for me, and the spotted ones are these animal-design-frying pans, too cute to be burned on the stove ^^
Just thinking to have another blog about my menus, and the other culinary experiences i have. What d’u think?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Officially Mrs D

Just checking my blog...GOSH, the last posting is in January, what a lazy me to update this blog!!! Too much things i skipped to share with... Hmm..what i will share in this post, lemme think... Owkay, though it’s (still) late, lemme tell you about my wedding. Yes dear, that i’m married on June 3rd in my hometown, Semarang. I’m officially becoming Mrs Chandra Dandy Nugroho, a.k.a Mrs D ; that’s why i add a nu tag in this blog “Mrs D” , which i will share about my life as a wifey ^^ After 2 years-up and down-relationship, we started our nu chapter in this relationship. Not much i can say, just take a look to some pics in our wedding ^^