Monday, July 21, 2008

1001 Indie Smile Exhibition

There's a cool festival you must see in Senayan City, it's called "1001 Design Festival". it's being held on July 17-24th, 2008. I was there with my boyfriend, not to see that festival in purpose actually, but it's fun.
It exhibits the talented young designers' works, such as graphic design, sculpture, animation & multimedia. But I like most is the "1001 Indie Smile Character Contest", with it's cute character named 'Peyo'. You may see politician, 'barong', astronout, and other
cute creatures visualize whole-heartedly Indonesian smile. each characters have their own explanation of what the smile means. check out the pictures, and you'll know what i mean...
my favorite one is a cute pink 'Peyo'. and guess, when i checked its name, it's called "ZEE"...It's my nick name, huhuhuhu.... it's symbolize baby which interpret smile as a happiness and victory. cool meaning, aight???

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Don't Judge a Book From Its Cover

Kalo baca judulnya klise banget ya,semua orang udah sering denger sebelumnya. Tapi itu jadi pengalaman berharga buatku semalam. Semalam timku menghandle Grand Final L-Men Of The Year 2008,Live dari Studio 1 Trans TV. Tau kan, pemilihan cowok-cowok six pack itu. Semua orang komentar soal finalis, dari face-nya, badannya, cara jalannya, sampe poster-poster mereka yang pake swimsuit...hayo ngaku, siapa yang doyan ma cowok-cowok kayak gitu, hehehe...

Host buat acara itu si Aditya Herpavi n Luna Maya. Tau kan, yang cowok biasa kita liat di !nsert, n yang cewek udah sering nongol di iklan or infotainment. Sejak gladi bersih, si Luna Maya ini cengengesan mulu, telat pula datengnya. Semua crew berpikir (n berharap) dia bakal tampil grand n elegant pas show nanti.

N show must go on...n ternyata apa yang kita takutin terjadi. Luna Maya tetep cengengesan, bercanda ga jelas, bahkan salah baca script, yang bikin kacau acara. Jauh dari kesan yang pengen ditampilkan. Bahkan Kadiv-ku bilang dia tampak bodoh, hehehe... (buat Luna Maya's fans, jangan marah yee..). Parahnya lagi, si Aditya Herpavi yang kita pikir cool, ternyata gampang panik!! Dia ga bisa improve n menghandle 'kekacauan' yg dibuat si Luna. So bisa dibayangkan kan gimana kacaunya show semalam? Walopun mungkin ga terlalu keliatan di TV, tapi tetep aja menurut kita kacau.

Pfff...ternyata artis cantik, mahal n digandrungi banyak orang ini, ga profesional banget ya...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Cleaning Day!!!

yesterday was cleaning day!!!!
my new Division Head made all people in my division came to the office to clean and tidy up our properties. so i was here around 10 and started to clean everything. actually, it's not mine, as me n my friend keep our properties regularly. but then we cleaned the boxes that we didn't know whose is it?
then i found some old-style-sunglasses. those were "Full Color" properties, a comedy show in our television company. as they don't need them all anymore, we took 'em...and pose...being narcist, took some pictures wearing those glasses, hahaha....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Family Vacation

Yesterday,Dasti,my cousin sent me sms,invite me to join her family vacation to Anyer,West Java.she said they'll grill seafood there.

so today we all woke up earlier n left home around 6. at the first time, i thought we ONLY will buy seafood in the market, then we grill it for lunch. but then, whoila....!!! my aunt take out frying pan and other cooking utensils, including the additional ingredients for the food, like tomatoes, onions, etc!! then i realized, WE WERE REALLY COOKING ON THE BEACH!!! Can you imagine that??? we chopped the chillis and onions, grilled the fish, made "sate ayam", and even sauted the shrimp n cuttlefish. check out the food, nyum....nyum...

it's the first time for me. though i had ever had vacation with my family, but i have never cook in real and bring all the cooking utensils like this, hehehe.... but it's fun =)
you must try it once, someday ;p

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Book Heaven!!!

Today, me, Kristin, Apri, n Wura visited a book fair in Istora Senayan, Jakarta. all of us are book lover. we sure we can get lower price there than if we buy books in the bookstore, but we were not "ready" for what we'll face there, hehehehe....

as we entered the first hall, a bank of book made my eyes wider. ow...many great n interesting books tempted me!!! the first book i got is Oprah Winfrey. i went to book fair in purposed to get this book, but poor me, i couldn't get the cheaper one. all my friends bought this book also, but they could get the-Rp 10,000-book in the sale box, while there's no the same book in it. i got the latest revision Rp 26,000, hix..hix....

i tried to stop myself to not spend whole my money in only one publisher. then we went to next the other one....and we realize, IT'S A BOOK HEAVEN!!! all the publisher give you discount, n most are great!!! we can get a Rp 5,000 / Rp 10,000 book each!!! we kept look a glance in many books, took one...and the other one...and bring it to the cashier, till we realized, we've spent much money, n we bought A LOT of books to read!!!

now, i look to all the books i bought today. just wondering when will i finish to read them all, as i'm a very very very slow reader. but i'm sure i'll read them all. slow but sure, hehehe..........

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

see in different way

Finally...i create my own blog. Horray!!!!
you may say it's not something special to celebrate,
but it's cool enough for me, hehehe =)

today all the production staff in my office gathered in a meeting, talk about the new company "regulation".
one of them is we'll have a new "tradition" that will be done each month, like coffee morning or jogging in Senayan. beside, the director remind us about the smile & greetings habbit. everyone should smile and regards others anytime we met.

hmm, should the boss remind you about those little things?
i'm sure not every director in big companies in Jakarta will care and do the same thing. It's totally your right to smile or regard to others, isn't it? But maybe we should consider that those ways can raise up our kinship and solidarity

what do you think?